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PG-01 - Programming in Ada83

'The course was well prepared. Practical exercises were very useful for understanding purposes.'

- Alenia Aeronautica

Programming in Ada83

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Reference: PG-01
Duration: 5 Day(s)


This course is specifically designed to teach the concepts and notation of Ada83. It promotes the concept of reusable software components and encourages a style of programming, which enforces a disciplined approach to software engineering.

The course focuses on the key constructs of types, subprograms, control structures and program units. It then tackles the more difficult subjects of tasking, generic programming and exception handling, supported throughout with simple analogies and a multitude of programming examples.

This course is highly recommended for those who have had little or no exposure to developing Ada programs and who want to master this elegant language.


  • An Introduction to Ada
  • Simple Numeric Types
  • Enumeration Types
  • Real Types
  • Record Types
  • Simple Array Types
  • Program Control Flow
  • Subprograms & Operators
  • Packages
  • Private Types
  • Hierarchical Libraries
  • Generic Programming
  • Access Types
  • Exceptions
  • Tasking
  • Interfacing
  • Variant Record Types
  • Unconstrained Array Types
  • Discriminated Record Types

Who should attend

Software developers who wish to be able to implement or maintain safety critical software using the Ada83 language.


No existing knowledge of Ada83 is assumed but it is recommended that delegates have had some previous exposure to a scripting or programming language.
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