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PR-07 - Agile Software Engineering

'Practical examples of agile techniques help in understanding of how it fits together'

- BAE Systems

Agile Software Engineering

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Reference: PR-07
Duration: 3 Day(s)


Agile approaches place emphasis on communication and feedback. This highly interactive and practical course is intended for developers who wish to improve their productivity while also increasing the quality of the software produced.

This course introduces a number of techniques to aid the speedy development and rapid feedback required in agile software development teams.

This course can be tailored to a specific requirement in terms of toolset selection and programming language.


  • The principles of agile development
  • What tools are available to assist in development
  • The principles of designing OO systems
  • Test Driven Development (TDD) - How testing can drive development
  • How to improve the design of existing code
  • How and when to apply pair programming
  • Using FIT for customer driven acceptance testing
  • How to apply agile techniques in combination

Who should attend

Software engineers who wish to understand how to apply agile methods to their projects.


Some software development experience is recommended in order to attend this course.
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