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BE-12 - Fundamentals of Software Engineering

'The lecturer was very detailed in his explanations and ensured relevant subjects were covered in sufficient detail. Top stuff.'

- BAE Systems

Fundamentals of Software Engineering

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Reference: BE-12
Duration: 5 Day(s)


This course has been designed to teach BAE SYSTEMS’ Software Engineers the skills required to achieve EDY competency at Level 1 and 2. Developed based upon many years of experience working with BAE SYSTEMS, this course serves as a foundation upon which to build more sophisticated skills by teaching the fundamental concepts required to develop a real-time software project for mission and safety-critical applications. The course focuses on the principles, best practices and processes of software engineering from both a top-down and bottom-up perspective.

Delegates are provided with a thorough understanding of the methods and tools used throughout the software lifecycle. To achieve this, the course focuses on project needs, the company-wide process and toolsets as well as the relevant organisational standards.


  • An Introduction to Software Engineering
  • How to select an appropriate development process
  • How to analyse the problem domain
  • How to express requirements
  • How to manage requirements
  • How to move from requirements to design
  • How to implement software architecture
  • How to design software using UML and other notations
  • Real-time software design
  • Software safety
  • The fundamentals of software construction
  • How implement a software design in the specified target language
  • How to implement configuration managment
  • How software is tested
  • How to maintain and support software

Who should attend

BAE SYSTEMS software engineering who wish to understand the different phases of the software lifecycle and the disciplines required be each.


No specific prerequisites have been identified for this course however exposure to software development would be advantageous.
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