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case study - Nations aligning systems engineering methodology


The Issue

A large multi-national defence manufacturer had developed systems engineering methodology based on their usage of the Systems Modeling Language (SysML). This methodology needed to be rolled out across the organisation, in four European nations, through a combination of bespoke targeted training and project support. The client was seeking a training partner, with whom they could work to develop the training and support the rollout across all four nations. At the time they were making use of multiple toolsets across the nations and were in the process of down selecting.  Any proposed solution needed to take into account the current toolsets being used as well as the cultural differences of the participating nations.

The Solution

The clients’ process and method documents was studied in depth by Objektum consultants in order to ensure a clear understanding, as well as to identify any further information that may have been required.

In collaboration with the client, Objektum produced a targeted, domain specific example for the delegates to develop during the training. This approach helped to reinforce the application of the chosen technologies to their specific issues. The learning experience was more relevant as the subject matter and terminology used was familiar to the delegates as it was based on real projects that they work on.

Initially, the example model and the training were developed in one of the industry leading SysML modelling tools. The training was designed in such a way that if the client decided to use another toolset to meet differing needs then this could be achieved with very little effort When delivered, the training led the delegates through a series of facilitated workshops that offered practical advice on the correct application of the client’s chosen methodology, using team based whiteboard exercises as well as hands-on toolset usage in order to reinforce the teaching points.

The Outcome

Objektum are currently rolling out this training and support to the client’s engineers across Europe. As a result of this activity our client can already see that there is now greater communication and cohesion between the participating nations.

The training and support delivered to the systems engineers have been hailed as the most successful to date and the client is now looking to extend this support to software and other disciplines within the group.

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