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Systems and software applications are becoming increasingly complex which is why the training we provide is specialised for software and systems engineers working with real-time embedded software as well as saftey, mission and business critical systems. Domain-specific examples are used so that the attendees develop skills that can be directly transferred in the work place and the individual and the organisation obtain real value from the training.

We are able to assess your project’s specific technical requirements in order to produce a focused, tailored training solution using the toolset of your choice.  We can also provide IBM Rational certified training if required. 

Professional training must be delivered by experts and our lecturers have a wealth of experience with old methodologies, as many are still in use, as well as and new programming languages and design notations such as:

Whether you have just started your career or you are an experienced professional who wants to refresh your memory or learn new methodologies, we can provide you with the right training to develop your skills. enquire about our training

The V Model

Our technical training covers the whole of the software and systems development lifecycle and we are always updating and expanding our range of courses to keep up with the latest developments in industry and to ensure we are meeting customer requirements. We also deliver training in Operating Systems, Quality, Process, Management and Personal Development.

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As OMG members, we have a wealth of experience in enabling many organisations to successfully adopt OMG standards such as UML and SysML. Our domain-focused and practical approach is not limited to off-the-shelf training and consulting; we combine our knowledge and experience in model driven development with the best COTS tools available in order to provide an effective bespoke solution compatible with clients existing development processes.