Objektum makes technology make sense

Whether it is through our software and systems engineering training or our cutting edge software tools, our customers are supported to adopt new technologies and leverage the benefits that they bring.

A Note from the Managing Director

Objektum was founded in 1999 by Derek Russell after years of working as lead software engineer on complex high profile projects in the aerospace and defence industry.

I started Objektum because I wanted to support companies embracing new technology.

We have a very committed and driven team at Objektum and I am proud of the quality of the services that we deliver and value it brings to our customers. We highly value the relationships we have with clients and partners alike. Everyone in the team here at Objektum is encouraged to develop new ideas and take on responsibility within the organisation.

Our approach to technology

We are global industry leaders because we are thought leaders that follow up with action. We believe that harnessing the power of technology requires innovative thinking, commercial sense and technical expertise.

We believe that you do not need to manually write millions of lines of code. We work smart and develop our own model based tools to help us rapidly provide solutions that are second to none.

Organisations’ should be able to visualise and comprehend their systems and software projects, which is why we adopt a model-driven approach to our software development activities.

Every organisation, every team and every project is unique which is why we remain tool-set independent in order to best support our customers and find solutions that work for them.

Our approach to business

Not only do we deliver above and beyond what our customers expect, our customers enjoy working with us. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, fast response times and high level of professionalism.

We adopt a partnership approach with our clients and work closely with them to understand their objectives and processes ensuring together we achieve valuable results. We promote open communication and encourage a collaborative environment where the outcomes supersede expectations.

Objektum is our team of individuals

Although our business is all about technology, we are not robots. Each member of our highly-skilled and motivated team have been carefully hand-picked because of their skills and their attitude. We all enjoy what we do, creating a great environment to work in. Everyone helps to shape Objektum into the successful business it is.

Objektum, great at developing technology, not so good at building rafts.