OOTest is a tool that provides the capability to generate test scripts for IPL's AdaTEST automatically from a UML class model. By leveraging the power of model driven development. OOTest eliminates the need for testers to write any code or even have an understanding of the test script language.

By removing the need to develop and debug test code, OOTest allows testers to focus on the actual tests to be performed, rather than the test environment. The model based automation of the test harness generation provides manageable, consistent testing thereby improving the efficiency of the testing process while reducing the need for specialist test tool skills.

The reduction of unnecessary added tasks provides significant cost saving and a reduction in product's time to market.

OOTest is an advanced model driven test framework consisting of an executable, templates and stub scripts as well as a UML modelling tool plug-in.

The OOTest GUI provides testers with a single interface to a UML model in tools such as Enterprise Architect, Rational Rhapsody and Artisan Studio as well as the IPL AdaTEST environment. By selecting the elements of the UML model to be tested (classes, attributes and operations) OOTest automatically generates the test harnesses.

All that remains for the tester to do is to insert the required test data and compile the code.

A simple pass / fail message, in the Ada compiler, then indicates the result for the values entered.


The OOTest has user-friendly, intelligent features and delivers real business value and benefits including:

  • Easy Ada95 class testing
  • Reduced human error
  • Testing for a single class or collaboration of classes
  • Support for interface testing of stubbed classes¬†
  • Dynamic test coverage
  • Easy to understand test results
  • An integrated AdaTEST95 (as promoted by IPL) solution
  • Automatic stub generation


The OOTest is a software test solution that integrates the testing tools with a design model and allows for the automatic generation of tests without the need to write a single line of code or even understand test scripting languages.

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