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BE-06 - Understanding EPT Requirements

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Understanding EPT Requirements

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Reference: BE-06
Duration: 2 Day(s)


This course is designed to demonstrate how the StatemateMAGNUM tool is leveraged within the Eurofighter Typhoon Enhanced Processes and Tools (EP/T). A domain specific case study, using the Objektum IMRS subsystem, is used throughout this course and forms the basis of the exercises and examples. This system, for which a full EP/T dataset has been produced, is Eurofighter like, allowing wider issues to be discussed.

Delegates are taught how to identify and interpret use cases. They are then led through robust requirements elicitation using the Unified Modeling Language’s use case and sequence diagram notation before being introduced to the StatemateMAGNUM tool. Delegates then learn how the requirements, expressed in the use cases, are realised using the state based methodology.

Activity charts and statecharts are presented using domain specific examples before more advanced aspects such as the action language, minispecs, the role of the databank and the models structure are addressed.

The course is focused on interpreting the model and documentation produced from it. Delegates are introduced to the other EP/T toolsets as well as the fundamentals of how simulation is used in development, validation and verification of the model in support of testing.


  • An Introduction to Statemate
  • Use Case Diagrams
  • Sequence Diagrams
  • Activity Charts
  • Statecharts
  • Verification and Validation

Who should attend

Eurofighter Typhoon engineers who wish to be able to read diagrams produced using the Telelogic Statemate MAGNUM tool. This course is not intended to teach engineers how to produce designs in Statemate.


An understanding of Eurofighter Typhoon development processes is recommended in order to attend this course. This course is not intended to teach development using the Statemate tool.
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