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BE-07 - Enhanced LPS Development Process

'I cannot suggest anything to add to this course, it is already very good.'

- Alenia Aeronautica

Enhanced LPS Development Process

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Reference: BE-07
Duration: 5 Day(s)


The Typhoon EP/T group have developed a set of processes to be employed when developing software using the Enhanced Processes and Toolsets.

This course is designed to lead individuals through the process of maintaining the Eurofighter Typhoon EP/T Enhanced LRI Processing Specification. The ELPS is the culmination of many years of work by the Eurofighter Typhoon EP/T teams destined for Tranche 2 of the Eurofighter Typhoon programme.

Delegates are introduced to the technologies used in the ELPS and are led through the robust new Enhanced LRI Processing Specification process. This will inform them of the duties and roles that the various engineers must perform in each of the phases of the process. An in depth detail is given to the artefacts produced by each activity and phase. The documentation that must be used or generated from each activity or phase is detailed. Delegates will also learn what artefacts are required at each stage of the process as well as how review are schedules and conducted.


  • An Introduction to the ELDP
  • An Overview of the Project Initialisation Phase
  • How to Establish LPS Requirements
  • How to Establish LPS Baselines and Prepare Databases
  • An Overview of the Analysis Phase
  • How to Identify Context
  • How to Develop Use Cases
  • How to Develop Scenarios
  • An Overview of the Architecture Design Phase
  • How to Construct the Model Context
  • How to Construct Architecture
  • How to Develop Sequences
  • How to Define Performance Requirements
  • An Overview of the Component Design Phase
  • How to Develop Behavioural Structure
  • How to Develop Component Behaviour
  • An Overview of the Test & Evaluation Phase
  • How to Develop the Modelling Environment
  • How to Perform Interactive Execution
  • An Overview of the Delivery Phase
  • How to Produce Documentation
  • How to Generate the Code Model

Who should attend

Eurofighter Typhoon engineers and project managers who wish to be able to understand the process used to produce an LRI processing specification.


An understanding of Statemate and the Eurofighter Typhoon development processes is recommended in order to attend this course.
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