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BE-11 - Ada Software Design using UML

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Ada Software Design using UML

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Reference: BE-11
Duration: 3 Day(s)


The step from a UML design model to an Ada implementation can be both daunting and confusing. BAE SYSTEMS (MAS) has developed an Ada profile used to ‘mark-up’ the design model to make the step to implementation more natural.

This course has been designed to teach delegates how a software design, represented in UML, can be annotated, using stereotypes and tag values, to show the intended implementation for Ada.

Delegates are introduced to concept of code generation templates and mapping rules as well as the syntax and semantics of existing profiles. They are taught how each profile element is applied the through a series of hands-on workshops. The advantages and drawbacks of developing project specific profiles is also discussed.

This workshop style course provides an overview of code generation using profiles and templates and allows delegates to practice annotating class models to generate Ada code entities such as Program structure, Elementary Types, Composite Types and Ada attributes.

An introduction to Ergonomics is provided to allow delegates to understand how tools, scripts, model checking etc can be provided in a controlled environment.

This course is recommended for developers who have previous Ada experience and an understanding of Object-Oriented techniques.


  • A recap of class modelling
  • An overview of code generation
  • What profiles are and how they are used
  • Explicit vs implicit code generation
  • The profile metamodel
  • The pros and cons of project specific profiles
  • The Ada profile
  • How to use code generation templates
  • How to apply the Ada profile
  • An introduction to ergonomics

Who should attend

Software engineers who wish to be able to produce a UML design to be implemented in the Ada language.


A working knowledge of UML class modelling and the Ada programming language is recommended.
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