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BE-17 - Understanding Eurofighter CP/T Technologies

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Understanding Eurofighter CP/T Technologies

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Reference: BE-17
Duration: 4 Day(s)


The Objektum Solutions' Common Process and Tools (CP/T) training programme is designed to provide delegates with an understanding of the tools and techniques used in the specification, design and implementation of software for Eurofighter LRIs. The programme provides delegates with an introduction to the entire software development lifecycle from the requirements, expressed in CoRE, through the HOOD design to the Ada implementation.


  • The CoRE requirements model
  • The building blocks of CoRE
  • How to read CoRE Viewpoints
  • How to read CoRE Tabular Entries
  • How to read CoRE Data Composition
  • How to read CoRE Threads
  • How to read CoRE Node Notes
  • The HOOD Methodology
  • How to read HOOD Diagrams
  • How to read the Object Description Skeleton
  • Real-Time Design Notation
  • Distributed Software Design
  • Ada Packages and the language Structure
  • Data and Data Types
  • Ada Program Control Flow
  • How HOOD is implemented in Ada

Who should attend

Software engineers who wish to be able to read, understand and make changes to exisiting Eurofighter Typhoon software that has been specified and designed using the CP/T technologies.


No specific prerequisites have been identified for this course however a background in Eurofighter Typhoon software specification and design is advantageous.
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