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DE-02 - Software Modelling using UML

'The best thing was the team work. It established a common language between us. '

- Roke Manor Research

DE-02 - Software Modelling using UML

'Tutor explained subject matter well. Course was well documented'

- BAE Systems

DE-02 - Software Modelling using UML

'A quality lecturer who provided clarification on subjects patiently and concisely'

- BAE Systems

Software Modelling using UML

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Reference: DE-02
Duration: 4 Day(s)


This course was designed and is given by engineers experienced in the application of the Unified Modeling Language (UML). In addition to the notation and semantics of the language, delegates will see UML applied across the project lifecycle at a variety of levels, from domain modelling through requirements analysis into detailed design.

Delegates are led through an iterative and incremental lifecycle from the discovery of use cases to object-oriented analysis and design. Using a toolset of the client’s choice, delegates will make use of the benefits and additional features of all 13 UML diagrams. Although this course is intended to be a foundation in UML and OO techniques, numerous advanced concepts are introduced.


  • An Introduction to UML
  • The Iterative & Incremental lifecycle
  • Objects, Classes & Interactions
  • Component Diagrams
  • Deployment Diagrams
  • Statechart Diagrams
  • Domain Modelling
  • Use case diagrams
  • Actors & The System Boundary
  • How to discover Use Cases
  • How to document use cases
  • Sequence DIagrams
  • Alternative Use Case Scenarios
  • Advanced Use Case Notation
  • How to model requirements with Activity Diagrams
  • Use Case Analysis
  • How to create a simple class diagram
  • How to generate architecture using package diagrams
  • How to refine associations
  • How to refine classes
  • Interaction overview diagrams
  • How to design for reuse
  • An Introduction to Design Patterns
  • How to model concurrency
  • The Object Constraint Language

Who should attend

Those who are new to modelling and wish to understand how UML can be used to document a proposed software design.


No previous modelling experience is required however software development experience as well as knowledge of a high level programming language is recommended.
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