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PG-11 - Advanced C++ Programming

'Templates were very powerful. Great training course. '

- BAE Systems

Advanced C++ Programming

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Reference: PG-11
Duration: 3 Day(s)


With the wealth of C++ projects in the computer industry, it is essential to keep up with new advancements in both the language and programming techniques.

This course builds on the delegate’s C++ knowledge with detailed discussions of the advanced features of the language. It promotes the development of robust, reusable and well-designed software.

The course covers the STL in detail including discussions of iterators, algorithms and containers. Advanced template techniques including specialisation and trait classes are thoroughly reviewed.

Through a series of examples and exercises, the course aims to demonstrate good practices to increase performance and reuse of code. Many C++ programs are syntactically correct but do not address efficiency and maintenance/reuse issues.

Object-oriented design is the key to making software easy to understand and maintain. The student will be introduced to the UML notation and shown how various UML patterns are best implemented in C++.


  • OO Programming
  • An Introduction to Design Patterns
  • The Adapter Pattern
  • The Abstract Factory Pattern
  • The Singleton Pattern
  • An Introduction to Architectural Patterns
  • The Broker Pattern
  • The MVC Pattern
  • Program Efficiency
  • Polymorphism RTTI & Dynamic Casting
  • Advanced Templates
  • Effective STL Use
  • Advanced Inheritance Techniques
  • Effective Exception Handling
  • Effective Memory Management
  • Concurrent Applications
  • Real-Time Systems
  • Distributed Systems
  • OO Testing

Who should attend

C++ developers who wish to enhance their understanding of the language in order to produce more efficient and robust code.


A good working knowledge of C++ is required in order to attend this course.
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