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BE-12 - Fundamentals of Software Engineering

'The lecturer was very detailed in his explanations and ensured relevant subjects were covered in sufficient detail. Top stuff.'

- BAE Systems

BE-30 - Managing MBSE projects

'New method of looking at systemised design, designing from ground up - very interesting! Well presented, answers to questions always given with thought and consideration. An excellent course, thank you'


BE-10 - Use Case Analysis using UML

'The Use Cases exercise was directly applied to the problems we are having in the current projectso we learnt a lot from this course. '

- BAE Systems

SY-02 - System Modelling using SysML

'We really appreciate that Objektum Solutions didn’t limit the discussion to the training material and were able to draft a project specific process which has enabled us to continue our development effort.'

- Brembo

SY-02 - System Modelling using SysML

'The training support provided by Objektum Solutions certainly met our requirements 100% and we appreciated the the professionalism of lecturers, as well as their clear and detailed presentation of the material.'

- Brembo

RE-01 - Expressing Requirements in CoRE

'Everything about this course was spot on.'

- RAF - Conningsby

PG-02 - Programming in Ada95

'The professionalism and quality of training provided by Objektum never ceases to amaze me!'

- RAF - Boscombe Down

PG-10 - Programming in C++

'Really well organised, informative and provided me with enough detail to begin coding immediately. I would highly recommend Objektum Solutions. '

- BAE Systems

PG-02 - Programming in Ada95

'The course was excellent, the lecturers' depth of Ada95 knowledge was amazing.'

- Lockheed Martin

Developing MFC Applications

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Reference: PG-12
Duration: 4 Day(s)


The Visual Studio development environment, with its Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) library has become the leading tool for developing Windows based C++ applications.

In this hands-on course, delegates build on their C++ language skills to create advanced Windows applications using Visual C++ 6.0, MFC and AFX. The MFC library contains a multitude of classes to assist in all areas of software development. The course aims to cover all the necessary elements to provide a solid understanding of Windows application development.

Through extensive examples the course will cover topics such as application architecture, advanced user interface design and construction and data storage, to mention just a few. As with all good software development, the course pays particular attention to solid object-oriented design philosophies. This in turn will help produce efficient code and promote software reuse, which can reduce the costs of developing software projects.


  • Visual Studio Basics
  • OO Programming
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Template Classes & Functions
  • Exception Handling
  • The Microsoft Foundation Classes
  • Dialog Applications
  • Windows Controls
  • Document View Architecture
  • SDI Applications
  • MDI Applications
  • Menus
  • Property Pages
  • Status Bars and Toolbars
  • Saving and Printing Data
  • Database Support
  • TCP IP Communications
  • How to use the CFile Class
  • Windows Registry
  • Debugging and Assertions
  • Using DLLs

Who should attend

C++ developers who wish to develop Windows applications using the Microsoft Foundation Classes.


A good working knowledge of C++ is required in order to attend this course.
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