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PG-13 - Programming in Java

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Programming in Java

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Reference: PG-13
Duration: 5 Day(s)


Java is a powerful, highly productive environment for desktop, server and embedded applications. This popular introductory course has been updated to provide complete coverage of new language features.

The course is highly interactive and driven by extensive exercises to ensure a thorough grounding in the basics of the language. An introduction to SWING will assist delegates in developing graphical applications. Beyond this, delegates will apply more advanced techniques such as leveraging the collections framework, threading and networking.

The Java language provides many features in support of a clean object-oriented approach. Concepts such as package / class visibility, interfaces & inheritance must be properly understood before the language can be effectively applied. Throughout the course, emphasis is placed on object-oriented architecture & design culminating in an introduction to design patterns.


  • Java Architecture
  • Java as a Platform Independent Language
  • Security
  • How Java is used in the real world
  • Java Program Structure
  • Data Types and Fundamentals
  • Declarations And Access Control
  • Flow Control and Exceptions
  • How to work with Objects
  • How to work with Classes
  • How to work with Interfaces
  • The Java.Lang Package
  • Java IO Streams
  • Class Loaders
  • Java Threading
  • Java Network Programming

Who should attend

Software developers who wish to be able to implement or maintain object oriented software using the Java language.


No existing knowledge of Java is assumed but it is recommended that delegates have had some previous exposure to a scripting or programming language.
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