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DE-07 - Software Design using HOOD

'The early chapters from The Hood Methodology to formalise the strategy gave a good overview of the thought processes behind our current design.'

- BAE Systems

Software Design using HOOD

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Reference: DE-07
Duration: 4 Day(s)


Hierarchical Object Oriented Design (HOOD) was developed for the European Space Agency (ESA) as a design methodology for important projects such as Arianne-5, Columbus and Hermes. HOOD is now a mature methodology of hierarchical decomposition of the design, in the solution domain, based upon the identification of objects and operations in the problem domain.

This course is designed to teach the HOOD methodology; consisting of textual definitions of the solution, graphical representation and formal refinement leading to automated verification, documentation and target language source code generation, typically in Ada83. The course is supported by many workshop-style practical exercises using the preferred HOOD tool of your choice.


  • The History of HOOD
  • How to analyse and restructure requirements
  • How to identify the problem and develop an informal solution
  • How to identify objects and operations
  • How to draw HOOD diagrams
  • The Object Description Skeleton
  • How to model real-time software
  • How to implement distributed software design

Who should attend

Engineers who wish to be able to produce a software design using the HOOD methodology.


No previous modelling experience is required however software development experience as well as knowledge of Ada is recommended.
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