Legacy Migration

Mitigating obsolescence by migrating to sustainable technologies

Reverse Engineering

Proven tools and techniques to produce a design model from any source code

Round Trip Engineering

Expertise in maintaining synchronisation between the design model and source code

Toolset Rotation

Extensive experience in sharing project data between multiple toolsets and environments

COTS Tool Add-ons

Extensive knowledge of automating software development processes and tools

Bespoke Tool Development

Proven track record of developing bespoke tools to support project specific processes

Toolset Integration

Specialising in integrating project tools across the entire development lifecycle

Parsing Technologies

Analyse the syntax of any language or data source and produce a model representation

Model Transformations

Graphically describe the rules required to transform a model

Synchronisation Capability

Automatically synchronise changes made in either the design model or source code

Test Generation

Model based test generation allows testers to rapidly develop test cases



The Issue

The client is a well-respected computer software company working across the world and has customers in the Aerospace, Military and Avionics sector who are using UML. This is not their area of expertise and they identified a need for some of their engineers to have a good pragmatic understanding of UML and the environments in which their customers are operating in to gain a business advantage in creating awareness and understanding on what tools are available and how they are being used.

The Solution

Objektum developed a 2 day bespoke workshop-based solution with consultancy for the core team of engineers to look without bias at various toolsets and their functionality, to give an understanding of UML, how it is integrated, code generation strategies including customisation and future capabilities. The workshop focused entirely of the needs of the client and was an independent analysis of the use of UML and its toolsets.

The Outcome

Through this intensive workshop and our expertise and independent advice, the client was able to better understand how their tool integrates with other tools and how their customers are working in a model driven environment. Acquiring a solid understanding of UML has given our client a competitive advantage over competitors and the team are now looking to the future and model driven development.

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Automatic Software Migration

Automatic Software Migration

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