• Date: 11/23/2016

    MISRA Safety Case Guidelines Public Review

    MISRA has announced that a draft of its “Guidelines for Automotive Safety Case Arguments” will shortly be available for public review. The ISO 26262 standard defines a safety case as an “argument that the safety requirements for an item are complete and satisfied by evidence compiled from work products of the safety activities during development”. The new MISRA document will provide practical guidance on a model for structuring automotive safety arguments, although its principles may also be applicable in other sectors.
    If you would like to participate in the review, please complete and download the form which can be found at https://www.misra.org.uk/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=iN-6RAf98Us%3d&tabid=59 and return it to the MISRA administrator at HORIBA MIRA.
    MIRA has advised that not all applications may be accepted as reviewers and that they expect to make the document available to successful applicants by the end of November.
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