All of our consultants boast many years experience in their respective fields, so when you work with us you benefit from their expertise and real world project knowledge.

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Our consultants are aerospace and defence specialists and have comprehensive knowledge of systems engineering, software engineering, processes, standards and management techniques. They are highly skilled, innovative thinkers and possess extensive practical experience of software and systems projects.

Our core consulting capabilities cover:

  • Prototyping: pre-study and pilot projects
  • Process and methodology improvement and definition
  • Requirement definition and architecture
  • Software Design
  • Systems Design
  • Implementation / Programming
  • Software testing
  • Target integration
  • Code migration
  • On-site support and training


We understand that each project is different and so our rates are available on request. We typically charge on a daily or weekly rate for our consultancy services. For specific development projects, we may also operate to a fixed delivery price, where the deliverables are well defined. For occasional ongoing consulting & support work, we can also work within the parameters of a fixed monthly budget. Please enquire for more information and we will be happy to assist you.

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