• Date: 7/22/2009

    Atego buys Software Migration Solution to Support their Customers Move from Legacy Technology to UML

    It was formally announced today that Objektum Solutions has sold Atego the right to use its Legacy Bridge technology, which migrates legacy applications into more modern tool sets. Atego recognised the expertise and capability of both Objektum's technology and technical team as they focus on helping clients reduce the impact of obsolescence.

    "The Legacy Bridge technology precisely maps the elements of the HOOD designs and Ada source to a UML model," states Derek Russell, Managing Director at Objektum Solutions. "UML artifacts are generated for each element based on these mapping rules. As elements are created, automatic checking ensures integrity and consistency. Any errors detected in the source design are reported ensuring traceability and the highest level of migration fidelity."

    Migrating using the Legacy Bridge provides protection against ageing tools with diminishing support, protection against the lack of HOOD expertise resulting from what is fast becoming an obsolete methodology and future-proofing of the project through better alignment with industry standards. This solution is already being successfully used by the Nimrod project team at BAE Systems.

    "Many organizations have made significant investments in modeling tools to support their systems and software development projects. However, external influences such as hardware, platform and skills obsolescence have created substantial risks to the ongoing success of these companies." said James B. Gambrell, CEO of Atego. "Numerous military and aerospace projects were designed and developed using now obsolete HOOD toolsets. I am, therefore, thrilled to announce this partnership."

    Key personnel from Objektum Solutions will be working with Atego in its legacy migration efforts but will also continue to support other tool sets and maintain support to existing customers.

    To read more about the Legacy Bridge and its cabilities please click through to our website.

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