• Date: 7/20/2012

    VB6 Training Re-launch

    Here at Objektum we are affirming our support for legacy programming languages by re-launching our Developing Visual Basic Applications course. We have taken this decision in support of the application modernization services now offered by Objektum Modernization and therefore can support all your VB6 training needs.

    Visual Basic 6 (VB6) was created by Microsoft in 1998 and was designed to be easy to learn and use. VB6 has a strong history of being the first language employed by developers to grasp programming concepts. But its uses go much further than that as VB6 is very much alive and well and being utilised by businesses of varying sizes. Microsoft ceased their support for VB6 in March 2008 and the designated successor was Visual Basic.NET. Despite this, a vast amount of enterprises are still reliant on VB6 applications and a demand still exists to support the legacy language. There are many legacy applications written in VB6 and Objektum is proud to support this with our extensive training programme. We can help you to fully comprehend your existing legacy application. Further information can be found here on our website.

    If your requirement is to maintain or modernize your VB6 application, then we have developed LegacyExplorer technology to help you gain insight and plan the migration activities. Objektum's Legacy Explorer is configured to parse VB6 and enables management, engineers and analysts to fully understand their software application both in terms of capabilities and legacy VB6 code structure. Equipped with this vital knowledge of the application, enterprises are able to migrate their VB6 applications. Once the application is modernised, it can be maintained and enhanced to support changing business demands.

    We will be continuing our support of legacy application by re-launching other programming courses in languages such as COBOL, RPG, FOXPRO etc. Watch this space for further information.  

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