• Date: 10/14/2011

    Steve Jobs' Golden Apple


    The golden apple is featured in legends and fairy tales as divine food or a source of immortality. Steve Jobs retrieved the golden Apple in this story but it is his legacy which is immortal and lives on. Joe tries to uncover how Jobs shaped Apple...  

    He's the man that people have been calling a genius in business and an inspiration. Steve Jobs was the co-founder of Apple and ran a very tight organization with high levels of secrecy, going to extreme lengths to live up to his perfectionist way of doing business and being involved with everything to do with Apple. 

    Jobs was a workaholic who remained CEO of Apple up until 6 weeks before his death. Taking so much pride in his creations and working life meant that he inspired people he worked with. He had very controversial leadership style which made Apple what it is today. Being a perfectionist meant that it was up to Jobs' employees to live and work to those standards. He was all about user experience being the true top priority. This meant that any small visual flaws in design overlooked everything else and would be classed as failure. Employees said "By being both unreasonable and right, he taught us to create products to delight people, not just satisfy them." Steve Jobs promoted his perfectionist attitude around Apple and forced it into work that was done for him and made people realise that the reputation of Apple was at stake with any work that was being done. 

    "Loose lips might sink ships," These are the words that were on the poster in Job's office. The high level of secrecy within Apple was down to Job's. He would insist on random phone and computer checks to make sure nothing was being leaked to the press about upcoming products which has meant that when a new product is coming out from Apple it is actually new not something that is awaited by the public. 

    Steve Jobs is the man that has left an imprint on just about all of our lives in one way or another. He transformed so many different markets such as music and phones forever. Steve Jobs will always be looked at as an inspiration to countless amounts of people for a countless amount of things he brought to the world.
    Taken from Objektum Solutions' Blog - www.the-technical-diaries.blogspot.com
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